Exchange Professors


Department of physics,Universitas Padjadjaran,Indonesia


David M. Fox (Ph.D. 2014)

The mechanics of momentum transfer from explosive charges buried in water, in sand, and in sand with fines

Current position : U. S. Army Research Center, MD, U.S.A

Hassan Farhat (Ph.D. 2010)

Acceletated lattice boltzmann model for colloidal suspensions rheology and interface morphology

Current position : Professor, Wayne State University, MI, U.S.A 

Sasidhar Kondaraju (Ph.D. 2009)

Analysis of thermophysical properties of nanofluids using discrete particle modeling

Current position : Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar

Jeffrey David Franklin (Ph.D. 2009)

An eulerian/lagrangian multiphase coupling algorithm for fluid particulate systems using arbitrary polyhedral mesh topologies

Current position : Airflow Sciences Corporation, MI, U.S.A. 

Yong Hyun Kim (Ph.D. 2008)

The numerical investigations of the rheological behaviors of nanofluids and blood flow

Current position : Korea Photonics Technology Institute

Hong Min Yoon (Ph.D. 2017)

Direct calculations of nano-mechanical forces in multi-phase interface

Current position : Hydro-Electronic Application Development

Jung Shin Lee (Ph.D. 2017)

Lattice boltmann method for fuctional wettability with heat transfer enhancement

Current position : Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Ji Young Moon (Ph.D. 2017)

Rheological behavior of complex fluid with deformable and rigid particles

Current position : Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. 

Ji Sung Na (Ph.D. 2017)

Turbulent kinetics analysis in a large wind farm and its environmental impacts

Current position : Korea polar research institute 

Se Bin Choi (Ph.D. 2018) 

Droplet interfacial behavior and its influence on emulsion rheology using lattice boltzmann method

Current position : Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. 

Jong Hyun Kim (Ph.D. 2019) 

Flow boiling aspects by surface treatment with heat transfer enhancement

Current position : Professor, Korea International University in Ferghana

Young Woo Kim (Ph.D. 2021)

Study of Blood Flow Dynamics in Cardiovascular System Using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Machine Learning

Current position : Research Professor, Department of Advanced General Dentistry, Yonsei University College of Dentistry

Hae Gon Lee (Ph.D. 2022)

Investigation on the Interfacial Phenomena of Nano-materials: from Two-dimensional Materials to Organic/Inorganic Materials

Current position : Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute

Hyung Suk Lee (Ph.D. 2023)

Solid Rocket Motors Performance Optimization Design Using Neural Networks with Simulations of Internal Ballistics


Seung Joo Beak (M.S. 2014)

Hydrodynamic studies of passive micromixers to enhance mixing efficiency with lattice-Boltzmann method

Current position :  Hyundai Heavy Industry 

Kyung Ryul Cho (M.S. 2014)

Real Blood vessel simulation by medical data with lattice-Boltzmann method

Current position : FNS Eng.

Jae Yong Park  (M.S. 2019)

Rheological behavior in bimodal distribution emulsions

Current position : SK Hynix. 

Seung Ho Yeom (M.S. 2019)

Machine learning approach for OSA detection based on airflow dynamics in the upper airways

Current position : Hyundai Steel

Young Jin Wi (M.S. 2019)

Numerical approach for optimal patterned wettability in micro channel flow boiling

Current position : Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Hamze EI Halabi (M.S. 2022)

E-Cigarette Aerosol Flow and Deposition through the lungs

Current position : Research Assistant at American University of Beirut 

Wenjie Li (M.S. 2022)

Building profiles

Jun Seong Kim (M.S. 2023)

Surfactant-Covered Droplet from Drop-on-Demand Inkjet Printing using Multi-GPUs based Multi Phase Lattice Boltzmann Method